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Never Doubt Your Worth: The Art of Sweet Inspiration

Never Doubt Your Worth

The Art of Sweet Inspiration:

5 things learned from the accountability bitch, Berta Medina so you never doubt your worth:

1. If you want to go farther go together!

The art of mutual (magical) introductions is so important and necessary to building a business based upon the notion that when we collaborate all our dreams can be realized.

2. A goal is a dream with a deadline

If you have a Dream, write it down but don’t stop there. If you want results, give your Dream a deadline and watch it go from your imagination to reality.

3. It’s collaboration not competition that will bring success and more happiness

Truly understand this- our gifts are meant to be shared with the world. There are people out there who will rise and shine because you decided to get outside your comfort zone and become the greatest “YOU” in a tribe of more than two. Invite the party and see what wonderful places the collaboration will take you!

4. Your offering is valuable- know that!

Just because it is effortless to you doesn’t mean your talent is not valuable. In fact, that is your super power and others will know only when you do. Embrace the magical you and let’s do this!

5. Life is magical and mysterious – pay attention or you’ll miss the show!

Pay attention to your intuition and opportunities, be astonished and tell all about it.  Berta, as an accountability coach is one of the greatest teachers and supporters. With people like this, no doubt your success will unfold as it should. As the pieces of the puzzle come together, embrace your tribe. It is definitely more fun to show up in business more than one!

Never doubt your worth-

You are a miracle on this Earth! Once you believe in yourself, magic follows.

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