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My Year of Magical Thinking-January Carpe Diem

“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”

Brad Paisley

Tomorrow has turned into yesterday and now what I have is today! January has begun and I look in the mirror, my two brown eyes staring back at me. Tired, yes! Ready, absolutely. But ready for what? What is it that I want- what is it that I dream for, yearn for, or live for?

Why does it seem so complicated when it is really as simple as embracing the hidden me. I have an amazing, magical tool box within. I have worked now for 46 years to see what I could do with the gifts or tools that I have been given. I have been having vivid dreams where I am speaking in front of a group of people, sharing the love that emanates from the most precious parts of my soul- completely unhindered and free.

Yet, looking from the outside in, I am sure that this dualistic world that has been pushed upon me is nothing as it seems. I remain a seamless spirit moving around in my body – honor it – honor it- honor the journey – that is what makes it so magical. That is what makes the story amazing. Are you ready to travel with me on this journey honoring the tools that you have been given, taking care of the vessel that will carry you to amazing places, and freeing the beauty that lies within? Carpe Diem- let’s seize this day- Going to the gym – that seems about as good a place to start as any other!! Blessings!!!

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