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My Year of Empowerment: Today Dream, Believe in Miracles!

“We live on a blue planet that circles around a ball of fire next to a moon that moves the sea, and you don’t believe in miracles?” Anonymous

Today! That is the only word that came to mind this morning. The mystery of today and what it will bring my way. The magic of my story and how I will impact the stories of others. How amazing is that really!!!

Dreams! To realize them, that is the reason that I am alive here on this big blue beautiful planet. To realize them, that is the reason that I left a career path where I hit a wall in my creative evolution. To realize them, that is the reason that I want to share my works of art with others.

Believe! A power that can move mountains. The ingredient that will transform the ordinary to extraordinary. The verb that will take you from avoidance to freedom. Oh, heavenly guidance, speak to me through my intuitive senses so that this becomes a stronger force from within.

Miracles! I am a student of life, paying attention as I await my teachers today. Reminding myself to slow down as I do not want to miss any of the delicious morsels of knowledge to be gained. Each one, a beautiful butterfly, or even a unicorn, that will not go unnoticed for  today offers me the opportunity to grow. That is where the magic lies, that is where the excitement lies, and that is where I shall be if you are looking for me.  Be here now, join me, introduce yourself so that we can benefit each other, we just might have the key to unlock the next door of  this great mystery!

Want more bliss?


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