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My Year of Empowerment: Never without choices!

“To infinity and beyond!” Buzz Lightyear from the Pixar film Toy Story

I am currently reading a book by Shakti Gawain called Creative Visualizations. In it, the author outlines 4 steps for effective visualization: set your goal, create a clear idea or picture, focus on it often and give it positive energy. Seems simple enough. Then at the end of your 15 minute meditation on the above, the author ends with the following that will ultimately seal the deal-

“This, or something better, now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned.”

As manifesting is the thing that gives my heart wings, I tried to use the 4 stage process yesterday morning to jumpstart myself while setting intention for my day, month and my year of empowerment. I found though I met with a lot of push back from myself of course. The “Oh here you go again!” “Who are you kidding?” “How are you going to pull this off?” and the like all came up for me as I started to write.  And where I normally take off like gangbusters as I get focused and detail my desires, I hit a block after block after block with the negative self talk above leading the way. So I chose to,  instead of numbing out which has been my survival mechanism for some time, sit with all of it a bit. And fear, my old friend, there you materialized once again. And since Rumi’s poem The Guest House, has come up over and over for me, I invited it in for tea, one of my favorite things. And here is the conversation that came up:

Meg:  Here we are again old friend.

Fear: Please don’t do this, it is so painful to draw attention to us- to be out front for all the world to judge us. Stay in the shadows- it is safe there.

Meg: It may be safe, but our soul needs to grow. We are here on purpose for a purpose. If we don’t explore what that is then we reject this gift of life. We have come so far my friend. We made some pretty big choices this year. We did what we needed to do to get past what holds us back. Look at what we you have accomplished together so far, let the wounds heal, it is time. 

Fear: I cannot let you do that, I am too scared of the pain of the past. The words of ridicule, the mean spiritedness coming at us. Exposing our lack of confidence and weakness. What if they say we are an embarrassment or even worse a hypocrite when we know that we are showing up authentic?  What if they judge our life?

Meg: And what if they do? “They” have in the past to try to control us, to keep us in our place to make themselves feel better. This is no way to live. We know who we are! No one spoke up for us as a child. We had no where to go. But now it is different! We survived what we thought would kill us, what almost did. We choose now, it is time we believe in the beauty of our life and remind others of the same and start to thrive. It is time to give ourselves the approval that we have sought for too long.

Then all of a sudden,  joy entered the room in the form of that 8 year old Meggie dancing, giggling, singing, skipping, playing.When a dark cloud came over us again, fear pushed joy aside and looked up to me, begged me to reassure her, desperate to find safe haven anywhere.

Meg: We will get through this together. I am here. My voice is strong now. We will navigate this journey together. And together we will use all of the tools in our arsenal: love, passion, excited, joy, anger, our truth, faith, perseverance, whatever it takes to shoot us out of the gravitational pull of the past into a glorious present and future in the challenges and the effortlessness.

Fear and Joy sat with me extending out their hands and I grabbed them both. Knowing full well that we will never be alone. We will always be right her for each other. I opened my eyes and repeated:

“This, or something better, now manifests for me in totally satisfying and harmonious ways, for the highest good of all concerned.”

Last evening, I tried again to use the creative visualization process while empowering another. This time, it was so different. All my own judgment set aside. With the power of two this time, using her simple mantra “I am capable, worthy and lovable. Something wonderful is about to happen” such a different experience for both of us.  I felt a force behind me, pushing me “to infinity and beyond”. And from this place of immeasurable power, I felt the old paradigm separate and leave my energy field because I made a choice to let it go. I was then able to welcome my new paradigm into that magical space and had so much fun with the unfolding of my imagination co-creating my life with another. I found myself giggling, singing, skipping, playing as I reflected over how I rode the highs and lows within a 24 hour period. Time, and the blessings and healing I chose to accept from my angels, experiencing a certain freedom as I detached with love, looking forward knowing full well that I was on the thresh hold of something truly miraculous. Yep, this is what happens in December! I cannot wait to meet you all on the journey!

Want more bliss?


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