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My Year of Empowerment: Freedom to be the light the wise ones seek!

“You are the light of the world.” Matthew 5:14

I attended three beautiful Holiday gatherings this weekend: with one, I was surrounded by my beautiful family by birth and the others, my beautiful family by choice. All very welcome opportunities as I navigate this newfound freedom gently setting boundaries for myself, at the same time trying not to isolate in the process.

While my new world experience building my own business has me alone more than I would like, it has proven to be necessary as I figure out how to get comfortable with my new reality. As I understand better the challenges I face with issues revolving around self esteem, self worth, and holding my head up high, I am getting more and more comfortable with owning the light of the “who” I am. But in the same vein, my new world experience does force me to get better organized now as I tackle the work to be done balanced with continuing to nurture those relationships that are and have been so important to me.

So invitations like the ones set forth above are important opportunities to be present with the love and messages that are coming to me through others rather than on my own.  And amongst them, the one that I grabbed on to this past weekend was that you and I  are the light of the world for each other. In the darkness, we can be a beacon of hope. In the sadness, we can be the hug of warmth and comfort. In the seriousness, we can offer a place to go and just have fun. With the freedom to move towards a better place in this world, just like the three wise men followed the northern star knowing that something wonderful was about to happen, we can seek the light by recognizing this in others or bring our own to the fore. We can either be or follow the example of this great teacher- be light, be love, be hope, be wonderful so that others may experience it and want to be the same. Joy is what comes with that, a message of holiday bliss, not to mention freedom to love, laughter, lightness and good will for all. We need these kind of loving allies filled with light to sustain us when we need it most and in return, when we are strong, we return the favor right back.


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