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My best year yet and the “Meg” effect!

“The great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.”

Meryl Streep

Empathy. Wow, I was born with a lot of empathy. I “feel” what is going on all around me. It seems like it would be an asset, but for those of you would can relate, it is incredibly overwhelming in times like these. Fear seems to be the feeling du jour.  Anger following as a close second. Perhaps, confusion slathered over it all.  Leaving us to feel helpless and worst of all hopeless.  What is going on – this was supposed to be my best year yet- this was supposed to be our best year yet!?!

So this got me thinking, before I can have a “best year”, I truly need to set out what a “best year” looks like to me.  And the answer that I came up with is accept the past as done, implement positive change where I can in my life, discard things that no longer serve me and divest from toxicity, acknowledge success on many levels, learn something new to expand my horizons and finally connect with others from a place of love. Within this framework, I am more disciplined not to lose focus by the distracts of my empathetic tendencies and not allow feelings of “others” dictate how well I am doing.  With focus and clarity, I can use my gift of empathy to truly be an asset as part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

In that light, I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday and she said that my kind of inspiration brings a “Meg effect”.  I asked what she meant by that. You see, for many years, I have made it my mission to share with others concepts that have touched and inspired me. I have made it my mission to read as much as possible and talk about what would get me excited with whoever would listen. I have made it my mission to truly listen to others and offer advice that has helped me and could perhaps help them as well.  And in turn, my friend answered that the “Meg effect” is when she has taken what she has learned from me and paid it forward sharing it with others. Those others have passed it on and on and on, thus having a ripple effect.

So here I am re-focusing myself in February around “my best year yet” and hoping to have a “Meg effect” on any of you who chooses to read this.  The past is done- I gained some weight at the end of 2016, perhaps because I have a tendency to numb my out of control feelings with chocolate (I did not even discriminate on what kind). Today, I am going spinning to work out in an incredibly uplifting environment any of the stress that arises from my tendency to self-sabotage.   Implement positive change- I just started a new position within my agency that has me learning new skills and meeting incredible new people. I thought that I was good at multi-tasking before- now, this job is like multi-tasking on steroids. It is teaching me to organize my day, placing those things that are most important in front of the rest, how a real team works and most importantly when I get overwhelmed step back and to take a deep breathe. Just breathe.  Discard what no longer serves me- I may just have to declutter my closet as I declutter toxic things and people from my life. Say I love you and walk away- perhaps FB is next. Acknowledge success-I have survived the first part of this year with all the crazy things that have happened on both a large and small scale and even finished a second book. My kids are healthy and doing well and I am learning to navigate the new challenges all of this responsibility brings. Learn new things- I am learning to say Yes, say No, and to simplify with efficiency- I am learning from other experts in their fields, I am opening myself up to experiencing life through a different perspective.  Connect with others in love- as an empath, love is the greatest feeling that we possess and connecting there is what life is all about. I am extending myself past my insecurities to meet others and serve in different ways.

So before you lose sight of your best year yet, let me pass on my “Meg effect” to you. Take a few moments today to sit down and write out exactly what your “best year” looks like to you. Set out your best qualities that you want to share with others. Even list out what you want to do this year to make positive change in any degree that will help you on a micro level that can have a “insert your own name” effect, a ripple effect on a macro level. This is the epitome of empowerment, empowering yourself first by clarifying your desires, assuming the feeling of the wish fulfilled, then sharing your inspiration with others.  Then love can be the feeling du jour. Followed by joy, gratitude and many other wonderful, uplifting tomes.  And from this place of strength, you can use your power of empathy to benefit all of us.  Then this can truly in any respect be “Our BEST Year Yet”.

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