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Miracles happen when we trust!


I am feeling a need to control outcomes. Perhaps that is because I feel out of control.  Not knowing what the future holds, I stir impatiently as I attempt to sit in the moment.  When I try to get silent and offer my hopes and dreams to God in a fleeting moment of prayer, I return to my need to rest on my own power to see me through.  But, the fallacy of this kind of thinking is that alone I am limited, with God all things are possible.  When I take the time to meditate and capture moments of  surrender to the mysteries of my life where I am able to connect to a greater energy filled with love, then miracles do happen. I find a greater strength through God to act and follow through in alignment with my true calling.  I find the passion and enthusiasm to continue joyously on my journey. I find the ability to truly trust that everything happens for a reason and all works out for me. I just need to step out of my own way, release the belief that I can influence all things around me by directing how life unfolds, and stop sabotaging myself under the false pretense of control.  With this freedom, I am assured that my higher power listens and understands the beautiful song that is in my heart.  And, this spirit of love will allow me to experience whatever I need to bring that song to the rest of the world.  When I surrender, I am free to move forward and embrace the miracles that unfold. When I allow my intuition to guide my choices, I am tapping into a deeper source within to lead me.  Trust is key to it all- it frees my spirit to fly.  And for someone who likes to control because she fears the alternative, the release as I throw my arms wide open to embrace the heavens is in itself a miracle!

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