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MGTB insight: With confidence, welcome a big embrace from the universe

“When we are self confident, the universe opens its arms to us.”

Concetta Bertoldi

Confidently take the position that the universe is ready to help you in all of your endeavors. While there are times when this Earth school can feel like an unloving place, you must remember that your thoughts play a big part in how you align to the world around you. Your reality is an illusion of sorts. You project onto your world what you believe to be true based upon your story so far. As your perception changes, you have the power to transform the tone of your life. There is a school of thought that postulates that the very act of observation changes things. Therefore, if you take on an air of positivity and confidence, your life experience will be one where the universe opens its arms to you. That is the beauty of the law of attraction. That is the beauty of the universe.  That is the beauty of your life. If you begin your day with thoughts of self-confidence, magic, and wonder, then the world around you will match your vibration as you watch out for amazing things to come. When you set out to encounter a reality filled with great opportunity, miraculous things, and amazing people, you can be positive and optimistic that those concepts will show up for you on a daily basis. For with this approach to your reality, the universe is opening up its arms to you in an overwhelmingly loving embrace.  That just feels good doesn’t it?

Magical Key to Bliss: Start affirming yourself with words that build your self-confidence. Start today with “I AM LOVE” and see what the universe opens up to you!


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