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MGTB insight: Too blessed to be stressed!

“If you are blessed enough to grow older, there’s so much wisdom to be gained from celebrating the process with vibrancy and vigor and grace.” Oprah Winfrey

If you keep your eyes open as you progress along the journey, you will recognize your many blessings along the way. You are blessed to be born to experience the beauty of this world, are you ready to see it? You are blessed to experience love through the interactions with the many people that cross your path, are you ready to believe it? You are blessed to have a chance to make a difference, are you ready to take the challenge? You are blessed enough to gain wisdom through the pain and joy of life, are you ready to accept it? You are blessed enough to have a mind that delves into the mystery of creation, are you ready to be open to it? And you are blessed enough to share your faith in the magic that exists each day, are you ready to allow it? When you make the choice to see your life as blessed, you choose to follow a path that infuses your spirit with a vibrancy like no other. You choose to share a vision of simple grace that supports you. And you choose to say to the world with vigor and glee that you are too blessed to be stressed.

Magical key to bliss: Embrace the wisdom in the process of aging.

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