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MGTB insight: Just breathe!

“Focusing on the act of breathing clears the mind of all daily distractions and clears our energy enabling us to better connect with the Spirit within.”


As life gets too crazy and overwhelming due to endless responsibilities, take a moment and remember to breath. By taking a deep breath, you will better refocus on what is important as you slowly clear the mind of the clutter. By inhaling and exhaling with purpose, your mind will be free to release the drama that could lead you off course. By oxygenating your body and mind, you will start to be still to really feel the love and spirit of connection that surrounds you. When you stop and breath with intention, the answers to important questions in your life will magically come to you and the confusion, stagnation and frustration will blow away. Despite the chaos that is going on around you, you will always have the ability to breath to take you through it.  Do yourself a favor, close your eyes for a moment and just breath. When you open them up again, you may be seeing things just a little bit clearer and will be better equipped to navigate your day.  To breathe fully is a gift you can freely give to yourself at anytime. Why hold back – ahhhhhhhh now have a great day!

Magical Key to Bliss: Breathe in for 8 seconds, hold for 4, then out again for 8 seconds. Repeat 3xs, 3xs a day.


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