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MGTB insight: It’s Your lucky day, become the best YOU possible

“Been down one time, been down two times, never going back again!”

Fleetwood Mac, Never Going Back Again, Rumours

A lifetime ago, you were the small child finding your way in this great big world.  Today, you are the strong, courageous adult who is determined to forge ahead despite any obstacles along the way.  Lucky you, you have been given the tailor made invitation to make your dreams come alive.  Lucky you, you have been received the greatest opportunity to unveil your passion through your God given talents. Lucky you, you may have been knocked down once, or hurt twice, but you are a fighter and you are never going back again. You know that every joy and every pain made you the fabulous person that you are today. You stand on those building blocks with pride and the have a better view to see and carry you further on.  For the wisdom gained is just what you need to deliver you to the next level.  So don’t look in the mirror yearning to see the same person from yesterday. It’s your lucky day, a new day to become even better, the best possible you. Just declare it to the world and accept the rest of your journey as something wonderful. As you move forward, let your prayer be to remember the lessons learned, to grow from the compassion felt, and to continue to become the best version of yourself. The future is bright, why would you let the past rob you of your chance to shine?

Magical Key to Bliss: On this St. Patrick’s Day, celebrate your accomplishments. Grab a lucky shamrock, be grateful for not giving up for three times the charm.

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