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MGTB insight: Instructions for living a conscious life

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention, Be astonished, Tell about it.” Mary Oliver

As a child, you were simply conscious to your own personal identity as it remained unencumbered by the beliefs of others. As you grew and were faced with the world’s attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities, the challenge remained to be aware of the call that child was born with.  To stay conscious to your soul’s purpose, pay attention to the messages that arrive on a daily basis, get ready to be astonished by the amazing “aha” moments that come your way and be sure to share your experience with anyone who wants to listen. These simple instructions will allow you the freedom to surrender to what life has in store as you begin each new beautiful day as the hero of your journey. When you feel the anxiety or stress of the world take over, start listening and paying attention to that little child within who knew so well life’s calling and just followed his or her bliss. Do what you can to visualize floating on the lazy river of life, instead of navigating the fast paced stormy waters that you are accustomed to. Get carried to a place of astonishment opening up to all the wonderful things that await you. Pause for just a moment to take it all in at a speed that you can handle and enjoy. Slow down just a bit, so that you can be conscious to the present moment as you embark on the next exciting part of your journey armed with these little instructions that simplify a life worth living. Come join me on the river won’t you?

Magical Key to Bliss: Tell your story so that others may also experience a newfound hope for all the great possibilities.

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