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Mentoring creativity!

“Mentoring begins when your imagination can fall in love with the fantasy of another.”

James Hillman

There are so many doors to discover a soul, which one will you open today. When you open the door to your heart, you get more opportunities to love. When you open the door to your mind, you get more chances to learn. When you open the door to your imagination, you get more possibilities to meet the perfect mentor who will help you to develop creative power. You may have heard the Buddhist proverb that when the student is ready,  the teacher will appear.  When you open the door to truly experience a life outside the box, you will recognize the teacher who will take you to a new level and grab on to the lessons that are prepared just for you.  Be courageous and trust as you open your doors to the connections presented, the teacher will guide you and be an incredible mentor to assist you in fulfilling your purpose. Your mentor will appear as the person whose imagination falls in love with your creative dream and honors the open door of your soul. A mentor is there to believe in you, to see your talents and to support and guide you.  A mentor is there to connect with the fantasy as it begins to emerge as your reality. There are so many doors to discover a soul. To be honored by another person who helps you open up and creates a safe space for you to grow is a powerful gift.  Stand in gratitude as you watch the door to your creativity open further in the process!

Magical Key to Bliss: Take the risk and think about which door you will open today to start the process!

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