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Meg’s mantra- 1-22-15: If I believe, the universe will create all my hearts desires!!

Meg’s mantra: If I believe, the universe will create all my hearts desires!!

My sister Mary Scanlon gave me these awesome socks that say I believe! I love them because I know that what I believe, I will receive. And BOY OH BOY, I believe in great things for me because I have been given so many great opportunities – people and experiences in my life that I am beyond grateful for. I have been the recipient of LOVE from so many directions in my life. I am blessed. And I will continue to be blessed as long as I continue to believe in a life of abundance not lack. I want to live a life where giving to others does not take away from me but adds to the abundance of my life. I believe “To whom much is given, much is required.” Luke 12:49. I know that the universe will continue to create all my hearts desires and if I can help others as well with their own desires, that love makes the world go around in a way that I am happy to be a part of. I believe in a loving and amazing God energy that takes care of me and I believe that I have an obligation to be a part of that message for other! Give love and the universe will respond in kind, because the reality is, love is what your heart desires!! Have a wonderful day!!

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