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Meg’s mantra: 1-19-15 Hold on to your dreams!

Meg’s mantra: Hold on to your dreams!

Sometimes your dreams seem so big and impossible to realize that you just want to give up. But that is not the whole point when you really think about it! There are those things in life that infuse enthusiasm and passion into our days. There are those goals that give us the will and desire to wake up in the morning. And there even can be a little voice inside all of us that says keep going you are almost there. In the great big picture of life, our dreams are the things that give us the sustenance to go on. Especially during the dark moments, holding on to out dreams is what gets us through. So whatever little or big dream I hold in my heart or create anew today, it is food for my soul. So who is stopping any of us from using our imagination to catapult each of us forward. Someone dreamt so big that they flew to the moon, who is telling what is next. xoxo

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