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Meg’s mantra: 1-16-15–Today let us drink from the well of gratitude!

Meg’s mantra: Today let us drink from the well of gratitude!

My favorite thing in the world – GRATITUDE! To all of you magical people out there, gratitude is the most magical tool you will ever possess because it has the power to change you!!!! Even in my darkest days, something/someone will show up in my life and give me a glimmer of hope to which I am tremendously thankful ( and of course it/they will never really know what impact it/they has made in my life). And in my happiest days, gratitude makes those moments even that much more amazing. I use gratitude to the point where it may seem overdone. But “thank you” can never be abused. Who in the world doesn’t appreciate being told how important, special, appreciated they are in the life of another. Like I said, gratitude is one mighty powerful magical beautiful device for each of us to use at our pleasure. So let’s drink from the well of gratitude today and everyday. See how quickly your life will change for the better. THANK YOU ALL AND I LOVE YOU!!!

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