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Meg’s mantra: 1-14-15 A New Day is Waiting, Ease into it at your own pace!

Meg’s mantra: A new day is waiting for you, but ease into it at your own pace!

Ok, so it is waiting for me, but I am so tired. Is it ok to let it wait a little longer while I rest and rejuvenate a little longer? If I can, yes yes yes! This is not a race to check off the many things you place on your list. This is your life, one moment at a time. And if you forget to breath and rest and care for you in the way only you know is best, then your body just might take over to protect itself. So get in touch with your body AND your soul. If you are tired and can, get a little more rest. If your mind is a bit cluttered, take five minutes to unleash it. Be mindful that the new day is there to be enjoyed, ease into it at your own pace.

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