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May Peace Prevail on Earth!

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

In 2018, I walked to the end of the world at Finesterre in Spain and what did I see-

What message was there between Earth and the veil of eternity?

A tall post with words in various languages stood tall on a hill by the sea – a hope or a desire- for a better reality.

MAY PEACE PREVAIL ON EARTH, it read very succinctly.

I sat on a rock and let that phrase overtake me.

It starts with each one of us, I thought- calm the storms within and be free.

Please God, let that come to light and be this world’s destiny.

There are many ways to die, first it starts spiritually.

A voice not heard, a protest gone wrong, injustice allowed and a leader who only thinks of his “me”!

I beg all of us to look to the wise peacemakers like Mother Theresa and Ghandi-

Those historic and powerful words, “Be the change you wish to see!”

So who are we as a people, a human race created from divinity?

Anger wakes you up but you can’t let it hold you in captivity.

Shining your light, founded in love, joy and peace- a fragrant potpourri,

To live together, one people, delivering a message of unity.

It is time to put aside divisive beliefs and together kneel on one knee.

These wounds start to heal out in the open, making for stronger communities.

Bow your head for a moment and please pray or stand still with me,

Use your voice for good; let your actions be sound and understand that good and peace can prevail in our beautiful democracy!

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May Peace Prevail on Earth! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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