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May – it is time to Awaken your creativity!


When you awaken to your creative self, you start to truly understand what it means to be human. When you awaken to your creative dreams, you start to believe in your ability to chart a new direction for your life. When you awaken to your creative energy, you start to feel the power of possibility pour over you. As Julia Cameron, the amazing author of The Artist’s Way, points out, “there is no such thing as a non-creative person”. Each one of you IS a creative artist perhaps just waiting for the invitation to come alive.

As you begin this new chapter on your magical journey to bliss, you are invited to do just that, to awaken to your creativity. The month of May, named for the Greek goddess of springtime Maia, is a time of greatness where you are enticed to engage all your senses to open up the amazing “YOU”. When you arouse the sleeping beauty of your creative side, you will see for the first time a palette of color that brings vibrancy to life; you will hear music that wakes up your spirit; you will touch another as your great dance unfolds; you will smell the sweet odor of success that comes from new discovery; and you will taste the richness of this new, eye-opening experience. In May, get ready to inspire as you shake up your creative energy and release your own talents onto the world. Look out, here you come!

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