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Manifesting with Meg: Lucky Episode 13-Attitude of Gratitude with Special Guest Jessica Quesada

Attitude of Gratitude in November with special guest the inspirational Jessica Quesada. Check out this conversation and get inspired because Jessica knows the power of gratitude is Jessica aka Ms. Brightside.

She is a native Miamian, born-and-raised in the neighborhood of Little Havana. She’s a proud mother of a 17-year-old daughter, Christina, is a loving and loyal daughter, and an engaged community activist. While she works at a Coral Gables insurance firm where she oversees the firm’s community-based initiatives and good works, you’ll find her out and about in the community doing what she does best – giving back and spreading brightness. Her story is one of passion and perseverance.

At 17 she found herself pregnant and dropped out of high school to take care of Christina, who had developmental delays. She went from rising high school star, involved in TV production, athletic training, Best Buddies and Special Olympics, to high school dropout, pregnant and without a job. Having always been involved in community activities, she began volunteering in her spare time at the local Community Action Agency. There, she’d help distribute food to the homebound.

She got job at a Coral Gables law office as a receptionist and obtained her GED. And in 2007, joined a fast-growing insurance firm where she currently heads the GoodWorks Committee and handles all their community-related initiatives. While she was building a beautiful life, n 2010, she was delivered another blow. Her beloved grandmother, Mima, passed away. Feeling lost and alone, she chose to take the lessons of her grandmother to live a life full of memories and no regrets.

Service is what saved her. From Unity on the Bay’s “Angels Everywhere” group, to feeding the homeless meetup with Chapman Partnership, and collection drives She found her passion in giving back. It’s what she calls her “super power.” And in turn, finds herself in a stronger place to support her mother as she navigates a cancer diagnosis and her daughter who while on the autism spectrum teaches her gratitude everyday. With the love of her family, both the ones by birth and the Vixen and Intensati communities, She lets her own inner light shine even brighter. Thank you so much for being here with me, especially this week that we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Manifesting with Meg is a monthly FBLive/videocast taking the listener through the year with empowering conversations based upon the format of the author, Meg Nocero’s The Magical Guide to Bliss. November is the month of Gratitude and deliberate creation. Join us, get empowered and inspired to make the changes you need to manifest the most amazing life of your dreams! And go get your copy of The Magical Guide to Bliss on or go to Blessings & Bliss!


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