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Manifesting with Meg: Episode 9-Fabulous Freedom with special guest Hector Prado

Manifesting with Meg with Hector Prado

Free your fabulous creativity in July with special guest and artist Hector Prado. Hector has gained critical international acclaim as a Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic designer, and Multimedia Director Designer. Now, he adds world famous artist to his credentials.  Named as the Coconut Grove Art Festival Artist of the Year, he is living his own American Dream. Come learn how he is freeing the dreams of his inner child as he embraces creative expression through the medium of painting.

July is the Month of Fabulous Freedom

While, Manifesting with Meg is a monthly video presentation, it is based upon the host, Meg’s book The Magical Guide to Bliss that takes the reader through the year. Meg invites her listeners to engage in empowering conversations to more fully come alive.

Let The Magical Guide to Bliss guide you!

July is all about Freedom. The Freedom to Manifest the life of your dreams and continue your own amazing journey. Go get your copy of The Magical Guide to Bliss on or go to Blessings & Bliss!


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