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Manifesting with Meg: Episode 10 Celebration of Friendship with guest Richard Jurgens

Manifesting with Meg: Episode 10 with my Friend, Richard Jurgens.

Celebration of Friendships in the month of August with my book The Magical Guide to Bliss. I welcome one of my dearest friend and esteemed colleague Richard Jurgens to talk all things friendship. From experiencing success and navigating tough times, with friends at your side you get the love and support you need to feel joy and get through. Here, we talk about the difference between friends and acquaintances. We talk about how friends have been vitally important as a support when our families are not close by. And we laugh about all the amazing memories after 16 years.

August is a time to Celebrate Friendship

Celebration of Friendship in August with special guest and my very dear friend Richard Jurgens, Esq. Check out this amazing video of two incredible friends sharing the importance of love and support through friendship! Here you go, the Dynamic Duo is back and ready to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and make a new friend today. Learn how support and good people in your life can help catapult your dreams! Making time for your tribe of choice as you co-create magic together.

The Magical Guide to Bliss You Tube Show

Manifesting with Meg is a monthly FBLive/videocast taking the listener through the year with empowering conversations based upon the format of the author, Meg Nocero’s The Magical Guide to Bliss. August is the month of Celebrating Friendships. Join us, get empowered and inspired to make the changes you need to manifest the most amazing life of your dreams! And go get your copy of The Magical Guide to Bliss on or go to Blessings & Bliss

I have used my book to make some major, magical changes in my life. It has guided me and inspired me to live the life that I want. If you want to make some amazing changes  and be empowered and need a guide to help you along, go to amazon and get your copy today!


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