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Magical power of words used well!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

When we start to believe how powerful words can be, we are reminded to use them wisely. With a single sentence, we have the ability to build someone up or tear them down.  With a single thought shared in writing or in person, we have the power to heal a relationship or destroy it.  With a single verbal expression of gratitude, we have the opportunity to express to another how important they are or miss the chance to do so if we hold back.  Yes, words can bring about great peace. Words can create a bond filled with love and laughter. Wonderful words that delight and bring love to any situation can be the magical ingredient that  awakens enthusiasm and excitement in our world.  Having read many good books, we all know how it feels to experience the majesty of a well-written piece of work. Furthermore, we all know how words can change the world.  So if you feel gratitude and love, make sure you express those words with the greatest of intentions.  Declare them out loud, and actually give that gift to another.  Be clear with the goodness you wish to share, take out your magical pen as a wand – say abracadabra, stand back in joy and admiration and witness the smiles that remain as we unwrap this life together.

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