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Love is not logical!

“A love that defies all logic is sometimes the most logical thing in the world.” Anonymous

For any of you who wants to make sense out of the endeavor to love and be loved, forget it. Love plainly stated is not logical. You cannot control what happens when you decide to be vulnerable and allow that word to take over your soul.  Where there is love, you have the most amazing chance to experience the incredible highs when you are in its presence. But then again, you open yourself up to the painstaking lows when you are under the illusion that it has been taken away.  Where there is love, you may be willing to do things that you would never imagine as  you believe in the possibilities in life.  But then again, you question why things happen at the same time.   Where there is love, your heart can at the same time expand with joy and happiness.  But then again,  it can ache with pain when you are experiencing what you perceive as a stop to its flow.  When you love, at times things seem clear and at other times nothing makes sense.  So if you are looking for a black and white experience where love is concerned, you will be greatly disappointed. It is all shades of pinks, reds, blues, oranges, yellows and grey.  Matters of love are best encountered when you continue to open your heart to the potential that lies there without expectation for what comes back to you.  Control is an illusion, safety is a misnomer.  For when you do feel the pain of separation as it comes, it is because you loved so well.  Remember, the reason you are here is to pursue, give and receive love, nothing else.  No hold barred.  So don’t place any unreasonable parameters on it to protect yourself from being hurt or to bolster its impact on your life, for love really is not logical. And when you love, you get to experience life.  So love, I can’t imagine having it any other way.For the rewards of loving are not logical but in the end they are great!

Written in gratitude for the love of a dog- R.I.P. Giorgio Umberto Simone. You loved well and were well loved!

R.I.P. Giorgio Umberto Simone- you personified love in my life!

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