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Look Up Beautiful One: Spring’s Transformation Always Follows the Winter that Soon Leads to a

“Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of York.” William Shakespeare, Richard III (1592)

It has been six months since I stepped out of my previous life. Scared and unknowing, happy and excited. All the possibilities lingering in front of me, only to grab onto courage to honor and get past the contemplation and angst that came from within. While the light of the sun shone brightly, I had to walk through the darkness to start to feel the warmth of its rays. Facing those parts in myself that brought me to catabolic lows, through awareness, acceptance then action, I started to feel again, chasing out the numb, connecting my heart to my head. Duality no more, functioning in the way that God so intended, a whole being, rather than one separated by its parts.

I needed a strategy, a plan. I found one that honored the energy of me.  A triad, a trifecta, a triangle is what I see- where I placed my well being at its center surrounded by the energy of those I love and who love me; my calling was placed at the top, lining up with my highest power; only to be flanked on each corner by service and education. This was what I intended for my life to mirror, a strength that comes from balance of what values I hold dear.

And each step of the way, each moment, month or day, I released the toxicity of the perceived oppression, so now the long unhappy winter comes to an end. Yes, there were dark days, the authentic me believes each one held great purpose, there still are.  However, now I shake off what no longer serves me quicker to embrace a new reign of magic that burst out from the clouds to shine once again.  This rebirth awaited me, a transformation has begun, showing up as I am, loved for who I am.  Ahh, a life with faith made the journey more palatable. Looking for the day to come where this will be just a proud memory as I stand b y the ocean to reflect on how far I have come.

So look up oh beautiful one, your strength is seeping out slowly and your empowerment begins. Your newfound emergence is the gift to yourself and others as you walk into a more brilliant path. Love has always been waiting there for you! The winter of your discontent no more.


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