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Little one, you are so remarkable!

“Life is a miracle, and we need not fear trying to achieve our potential and reveal the remarkable creation we and all living things are and that our Creator has built into us the ability to induce self-healing.”

Bernie Siegel

Hello little one! Yes, I am talking to you.

Do you actually remember how remarkable you are?

Please give me your sadness, your fear, your emptiness, your tears. I sent you there to be a light. I sent you angels to walk with you.  Do not retreat. Connect from a place of love. I will always give you a place to return. You are powerful potential. You are miraculous.  This life opportunity you have been gifted, aren’t you curious as to where it will take you? When did you decide to listen to others and not your beautiful intuition set right at your center infused with love?

Doors are always open to you to do what you came here to do.  You do not need others to speak your truth. You know intuitively what that is. What I am here to do is tell you not to be afraid.  Package yourself however you may, you will always be remarkable. And when you start to believe, the healing will begin. All the encumbrances will fall away. All your insecurities will be no more. And all your beauty will shine through. If you only decided to believe in you.  All the most remarkable things that you will do.  I see you, I know you, I love you. I am so proud of you.


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