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Let’s Play Today!

I have often noted that the hallmark of a good team is one where there is open and effective communication. Regardless of whether it is a family, sports team, or work team, for there to be success and abundance, one needs to feel that the people you are working with you can trust each other. There needs to be a safe place where you can share ups and downs, highs and lows, and failure and successes. A place where you can go to air out your dreams as well as those things that keep you up at night. A place that is balanced. A place that is safe. A place where love lives and friendship is paramount. When the team is represented by the above, it thrives because the members are heard, encouraged and supported.  It cannot be a place where you are afraid to speak up- where you feel like the other will use words to reduce you to tears or where a loss is berated.

In that vein, I went to see my son and his team play their first game this season of flag football. What I noticed was that each boy had such an intense look on their faces. Not having any fun at all. So serious. I was talking to some female classmates who were throwing around the football on the sideline, smiling laughing and having fun. I asked them why they were not playing with the boys. They said that they had their own team. I said you ladies look good how did you do- they said that the won 25-0 – I was like wow, that’s amazing. Perhaps you could offer tips to the boys because you look like you are having a great time. She said win or lose, we go out to play because we love the game — and by the way the weather was beautiful.

So, what was the take away for me- while the above lists some of the most important elements of a united team, if you forget to go out and have fun, what’s the point anyway! So today, wherever you find yourself, or whatever team you are on, if you are having a good day, don’t forget to bring the element of play and have fun! You know you will impact the others who show up with you and how then can you lose! And then, that something wonderful is already on the way. If I can teach anyone, especially my kids that, I will have done something good in this life today! Enjoy!

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Let’s Play Today! was originally published on Meg Nocero

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