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Learn to Balance-Begin with The Magical Guide to Bliss now because pain cannot be the end of your st

“No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who LOVE…” 1Corinthians2:9

I remember a time in my life when I felt balance. It was good. I felt good. I felt loved. I felt daring. From my core, there was a strength that held me so that I could do the things that I dreamt of doing, be the person I wanted to be and live the life that I came here to live.

Once again my subconscious speaks loudly. In a dream state, I saw her again sitting next to me as healthy as can be–all was well in my world. All made sense, she sat next to me and I held her hand tightly. Then, not even a second later, the light turned to darkness as a thought entered my mind- How? How can you be here with me now that you have gone? And as if the nightmare returned, she started to get scared – the foreboding alarm of concern in the air, the disease of fear returned and life without her once again became my reality. I was overwhelmed once again with worry as I had no idea how to navigate this world without her. We traveled back to my childhood home- I ran to my room and closed the blinds as if I could keep time out. I went to close the doors and lock them shut. Hold all my memories in that house, safe and sound. I had her with me – all was ok, we would escape the fates, and balance of life with her would remain.

Then I saw a young child come to the door, I knew her well- big blue eyes- she too was facing the fates-she was crying. Compassion poured over me as I opened the doors to my heart and as if on cue, I bent down and told her my favorite thing in the world was to look for the rainbow after the rain. I held her chin and gently lifted her gaze to the sky and together we saw the most brilliant hues of red and yellow and pink and green–purple and orange and blue.  And, I was caught up in the embrace of life again. I returned to that room of solitude, knowing that I had to make a choice to leave it behind if I wanted to regain my truth.  I grabbed her little hand and ran out the door, only turning once to see my mother, smiling and waving goodbye, holding her hand at her heart center to remember that I did not have to go far to find her there.

I woke up with a knowing that I came to this world to live, laugh, love; not to get stuck in suffering. Pain cannot be the end of my story, nor can it be yours.  We cannot afford to get stuck there. Too much life left to live, too many things to do, see, become! We grow tired of always waiting for the next shoe of doom to drop. It is time to find the strength that existed once at our core, and with that regain the balance of life. It is time to reawaken those things that are needed to support oneself. It is time to go within and build on the wisdom once gained. Relearn a new kind of balance, one where we find our footing in the rough terrain we have come to know.

Don’t be mistaken, I came here to play and I came here to look for companions who want to play with me! Cause and effect. Events happen in life to move me out of my comfort zone into something better. I will come back to a place of equilibrium, the universe loves balance and abhors a vacuum. I need to clear out the space of toxicity, to then be able to welcome in more love.

I remain with that mother energy, safe and supported. I take hold of that father energy, courage and persevere. Seeds have been planted, we are breathing, we are alive. Eyes have not seen the goodness that awaits us. Ears have not heard the blessings that are on its way. The mind needs to begin to conceive a vision of the most beautiful life just waiting as long as we believe. Sit with that and know that it is all about LOVE! And from there both legs supported by what we have within will hold us and move us forward! For we are magnificent butterflies.


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