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It is time to get your house in order, vision boards are a tool to help you commit to take the next

For those of you who are interested in making a vision board for 2018, here are 6 great guidelines to get yourself started:

  1. Declutter! Before you sit down to work out the greatest vision for your life this year, it is imperative that you start to declutter your mind, your spaces and your circle of influence. If you want a solid future, you have to build a solid foundation. That being said, how can you even begin to see clearly unless you clear out the spaces and release some of the toxic things, people, places and behaviors that no longer serve your highest good. Let this act as a sounding bell for today and the rest of January for that matter. Evolve into someone who can breather easier giving away or even throwing out those things that you no longer use or need. Someone else will surely benefit.  Evolve in a place where the energy moves effortlessly. Head straight to the closet of your home and mind and with a less than discerning eye, imagine what freedom you will have when you can actually see what is in front of you. Think about all the time you will save as well as how visually appealing it will be. Evolve with clarity as you declare your intentions for the almighty now as you get kick out the negativity replacing it with life affirming mantra. Meditation is a great way to start that process as well.

  2. Organize! Human beings may not love to do it, but there is a sense of personal control and freedom when you can categorize and organize your vision. This in effect has an overflow onto your everyday life.  You got this! Spiritually, physically, financially, relationally, and intellectually! The 5 great pillars of a well constructed vision board. Sit with each and think about how you wish to see each unfold this year. Get out your magazines, books or even go online and see what gets you excited. Then play some inspiring tunes, burn some sage, get the aromatherapy going and choose the size of your board and how you want to lay out your magic.

  3. Prioritize! Put a photo of you at the center of your board- a photo that you really like- perhaps at a time when you felt like you had it all going on. When you set out your priorities, putting your well being in the middle, you get to owning your vision and see it as taking care of yourself.

  4. Get creative! This is where the magic happens. This is where you get to think outside of the box of what you are told is possible to start believing in endless possibilities. Perhaps a trip around the world strikes your fancy- put it on the board. Perhaps you want to star in a Broadway show, get detailed and put it on your board. Is it love that you are after, romance, great sex? Put it on the board. Throw it all on there, this is for you. There is no telling what great things are in store for you! Put it on the board and stand back and let the universe conspire in your favor, bringing you opportunities to move your life forward.

  5. Choose the energy well! I love to do vision boards with other people. Not just any other people, but people who are open to manifesting amazing and bring that kind of energy to the Vision Board party. Do yourself a favor, this is no time for social niceties. This is your present and future that we are talking about, choose the energy you allow in well. Also, if you are so inclined share your vision and dreams with those who are present and they can peruse the magazines with you. I believe in the collaborative payoff when two or more people are present. There is no telling what can come from this! I even get each one of my guests to sign and date the board at the end of the session.

  6. Commit to the board! Believe it or not this is the most challenging, yet most important part of vision boarding.  I like to symbolically seal the vision boards with clear packing tape at the end to commit to what I put on there. It protects the actual board and sends a message to the universe that game on! I am ready to do this!

Most of all, have fun with this. Make a party of it, a celebration and get ready to dream Big! There is no telling what can happen when you get clear with who you are and were you want to take your life this year! Then start to pay attention, things will start to unfold just be conscious about it. In no time, you just might be loving the house that you live in again. Of course, I would love to hear all about. Display your board with pride- it is your artistic creation! I love hearing the stories about how incredible it was that what was placed as a part of the vision became a reality as you get inspired to act on the visions that you set out! You have just stepped into creating a newfound personal freedom as you set out the direction that is best for you! (Oh and if you have to freshen up the board- do one again mid year or a mini board around a specific goal you may have- it will help you open up the creative channels!)

Happy Vision Boarding everyone- hope this helps, it certainly has for me- Manifest Magic in 2018!


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