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Is there a secret to enjoying life?

Wow-it seems we are all searching for the great secret to enjoying life! Yearning for the support and guidance of other seekers as we journey on the path, sometimes we are left with a feeling of unmet desire that can manifest itself as sadness and loneliness. Sometimes afraid of sharing what feels like a weakness, we may keep it to ourselves and continue to push through until somehow a shift to something better miraculously happens.

Maybe not wanting to appear ungrateful for all of our blessings in life, we hide our feelings of despair so that others may not see that vulnerable and also very human side of our very beautiful selves.

Perhaps the secret of enjoying life is not to deny the challenging parts of ourselves along with the pleasurable ones. For when we accept ourselves where we are at any point in time, there is a freedom that allows us to process what is and move it through us rather than hide it away allowing it to fester.

Perhaps when we confront our feelings head on and share who we are, the gifts of inspiration can be seen more readily and shared to benefit every person who crosses our paths. Instead of trying to hide from how we feel, take time to discern or meditate on what is actually happening in our lives.

And, when we sit in quiet we can acknowledge the presence of that great energetic field surrounding all of us which I like to believe is the invisible hand of God comforting me and guiding my life.

Knowing that we are not really alone here and now, by sharing who we are and asking for help, love, support and guidance from the universe, we realize we do not have to do it alone. There in the connections to others in love, praying for God’s love to watch over us and openly welcoming beautiful experiences into our lives, then perhaps we just started to gain a better understanding to the secret of enjoying life! And then perhaps look to our four legged companions for inspiration- we are reminded that dog is God spelled backwards! And a dog’s example of how to enjoy life is not so invisible!

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