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In Gratitude for My Mom

In Gratitude for My Mom

I contract, you told me to expand

I get scared, you promised to hold my hand

I dream, you told me think bigger again

I make mistakes, you told me I’m forgiven

I faced life’s challenges, you gave me hope for another day

I always leaned on you, you told me I needed to find my own way

I miss you so much and it gets dark

You assured me that your light would always be bright in my heart.

I will never forget you, you taught me so much.

Your legacy lives on through each of us you touched.

I love you mom- you were my guide, my counselor and my friend

Your light still will guide on my journey until the end.

May your example live on through me as I continue to do my best

Thank you in loving gratitude for all the rest!

Your Meggie (Poppie and Mary, Aimee, Patrick, Michael, Ryan, Ava, Hunter and Chase)

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