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In everything give thanks!

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.”  

Cynthia Ozick

There are days in life that run effortlessly and there are days where you stumble along. On the days where life flows effortlessly, it is easy to find things to be grateful for. On the days where life is laden with obstacles, it is difficult to get out the door never mind appreciate your blessings.  These are two sides of life, both a very important part of your story. Each filled with lots to be grateful for. For it on those days when you experience challenges that you will appreciate more the days when life moves along like a dream. For without the challenge, you would take for granted the bliss.  It is really as simple as being grateful for everything you encounter on this journey in life. While the carefree days will come, you can better recognize them when you are faced with adversity.  As long as you don’t allow both the adversity and the bliss to define you, both these ingredient will teach you how strong you are.  Be it adversirty or bliss, both experiences can give you the opportunities to cross paths with the most influential people that you will meet in this life. So start being grateful for it all now for each minute is a blessing from God.  Remember everyone around you is fragile.  If you see someone without a smile today give him or her one of yours!  Live simply.  Love seriously. Care deeply.  Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God. And most of all don’t forget to laugh.  It is all going to be ok and for that wisdom you will be extremely grateful!

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