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How precious it all is!

Walking through my days, going through the motions, one by one passing eachother by. I have been reading a lot about synchronicity lately, how there are no coincidences, just incidents coinciding. New faces, old faces who touch my life, my heart and my soul. Not wanting to let go of the moments of utter joy, reaching out to others to embark from the port of solitude, reached to by others to help them out of an abyss. Not wanting a moment to go by without finding something to appreciate. Not wanting anything more than I have. Precious these moments are. Precious this life is. Precious it all is. Every bit of it, every kiss, every smile, every hug, every person, every animal, everything! Please don’t let these moments of joy end, please let me always know there will be hope as a seeker of light! Let this be a gift for us all today, tonight and always!

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