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How Little Women Become Inspiring Leaders!

How Little Women Become Inspiring Leaders!

Little women, is it life you fear? How can that be? Life is for the living filled with wonderful adventures and opportunity. And I grew up, one of three. All intelligent, humble with an intense curiosity.

Little women, growing up with great books, music and theater surrounding me. Moreover, embracing these stories, I could not help but feel free.Many creative tomes set my imagination dancing.Never quit, just keep going, allow life to be romancing.

Little women, believe in love and boldness as you learn how to fly.Only know how special you are as you reach for the sky.Like a colorful burst of sunshine, your gifts are what the world needs to see. Always know yourself and show up authentically.

Little women, stay confident and walk with faith, naysayers be gone. Ignore any ridicule or negativity, they are threatened by your song.Be brave little one, let your fierce intuition be your guide.Your dreams call to you, as you grow, never cast them aside.

Little women, you will see the manifestation come to pass, Let your actions bring you great joy, focus on the present moment for alas.For in the midst of an afternoon, childhood days may seem long gone,However, you can tap into your inner beauty to break barriers towards a new dawn.

Little women, is it life you fear? How can that be? You’ve only just begun, trust the process and you shall see.Relinquish the need to defend your point of view,Accept others as they are independent of you.As you grow competent, with humility and empathy,You will become a leader who inspires with talent, compassion and integrity.


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