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Grateful for the noble souls!

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.”


Embrace your noble soul and start to actively make sure that you thank those you love. Make sure your soul acknowledges and gives recognition to those who bring beauty to your life. Make sure your soul acknowledges and gives recognition to those who make a difference in your world, be it big or small. And most importantly, make sure your soul acknowledges and gives recognition to God, your higher power, or the field of potential for giving you another day to explore, discover and bask in the glow of your magic and miracles.  The greatest act of awareness is to appreciate and validate those angels in your life and let them know how important they are to you. You are here to look into the eyes of another and say I love you; to connect to another person to raise both of you to a spiritual place; and to acknowledge that you are witnessing their beauty and uniqueness when they cross your path. It may just be that you or those who surround you are entrenched in their own personal dramas and feel less than shiny. But when awareness sets in, you will be the one to set the example by offering your love, your joy and your gratitude as the medicine the world needs to heal. By offering a simple thank you with words, a smile or a nod of respect, you will help others to recognize their nobility within and encourage them to place the crown on their head acknowledging their own royalty. Gratitude is powerful and life altering if you use it well.  Use gratitude daily and proudly wear your own noble tiara proclaiming out loud it is just your noble thing!

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