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From a place of worthiness, you will blossom

“Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there will be no end!” 

Tony Robbins

The people you love are blessings in your life.  When you are introduced to someone special, you recognize the energy of the other as it aligns with your own. Be it a friend or a lover, there is beauty in the desire to get to know them on a deeper level. As a result, you are awake when you are around them. You are happy when you do things to make them smile. You are excited when you share fun and exciting times as your heart expands. Over time, if you do not protect this bond, these very special relationships can be taken for granted. If you are not careful, anger, distrust, and miscommunication can chip away at that initial strong foundation of love. Do not give up hope for the wise person knows what to do to rekindle the embers that first sparked in initially. When you nurture the other from a place of love as you did in the beginning, you remind them how important they are to you. Even if you cannot see results at first, you set out on a path to align yourself with love once again. It is never too late to begin today and start to show those who are blessings that they mean the world to you. Before you know it, any remorse of the past will fall away and the relationship will transform before your eyes. Not only will there be no end, ultimately you will change for from a place of worthiness, you and your loved ones will blossom!

Magical Key to Bliss: Reach out to someone you love telling them how much they mean to you!

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