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Focus on what you can do!

Focus on what you can do!

“I have a dream…” MLK, Jr.

Those words ” I have a dream…” How those words have changed the world. You hear them and you know that the passion of one man’s dream has changed the way we all see the world and his words go on to inspire many even though he has gone ! I can only imagine that he never knew what impact he would have had on even today- yet I am sure he did know that there was a burning fire in his heart and soul that he was going to try to make a difference by doing what he could do! He had a gift of speech, he had a gift to motivate, he had a gift to inspire and he had purpose in doing so- starting small and becoming bigger than he ever imagined possible! I can’t imagine a world where those words ” I have a dream” in the context of his presentation did not exist- it still moves me to tears when I hear it! When we all focus on what we can do, and do it- then perhaps going after our own dreams will too leave a profound legacy – no matter how big or small- that we may never know the impact. then again if we all don’t risk in the attempt – no one ever will. So grateful I don’t have to Imagine a world where this man never had the courage to dream!!!!! So dream big and focus on what you can do and the magic will happen!!!


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