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Finding the extraordinary in the ordinary!

“It’s all a matter of intention. There is so much to be grateful for, so much to be in awe about.  Life is precious and extraordinary.  Pay attention to this fact, and little, ordinary things will take on a whole new meaning.”

Richard Carlson, Ph.D. 

Before you start your day, do you set your intentions?  If this is a foreign concept, take a moment to go within and ask your intuitive heart what is it that you yearn for, what actions need to be taken and what changes need to made in your life based upon these yearnings.  Then, sit with the first thing that comes to mind and set your intention that whatever unfolds in your life today will meet your desire to realize this need. When you start from this place each day, then ordinary things will have a new meaning because you will no longer see them as random events but steps set out on your path that will take you to a place of greater peace and joy. Sometimes you just need a moment of silence to make the shift to see this magic and lift the veil that previously blocked your vision. Today, if you need help start simply by setting out an intention to experience love in your life! If you seek it, this is something you will find because it is already there right at your center.  It is who you are, pure blissful love.  And by recognizing that all the answers that you seek are already within you, you have discovered the most important key to unlocking your bliss. For this simple notion that seems so ordinary is more extraordinary than you can imagine. For that awareness alone, be incredibly grateful!

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