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February- It’s all about love!!!!!



By the time that the month of February arrives, our journey into bliss is in full force. We have set out a road map, identified our dreams, and we have planted the seeds of our desires in fertile soil. By now, we have made a commitment to ourselves and will accept no excuses, only results. Even in times of doubt, we know that our efforts will pay off. This month is the perfect opportunity to infuse the foundation we have set out with the only thing that can truly move us in the right direction, LOVE. And in February, love certainly is in the air; there is romantic love, familial love, love amongst friends and most importantly, self-love that remains our focus during this time of year. When we set out on our journey with The Magical Guide to Bliss, we were hopeful to experience a great and wonderful change. Positive change can only happen if we bring love to its rightful place of importance- directly at the center of who we are as we become who we want to be. Love invites to embrace the buzz that takes over as plans are made to celebrate a time-honored tradition of showering the ones we care for most with incredible warmth and affection.

The word February comes from the Latin term februum which means purification. In true spirit, the second month of the Julian calendar allows us to cleanse our hearts and purify our souls by focusing on love and allowing it to wash over us in every aspect of our lives. We grow as a result of giving and receiving love, there is no other way to flourish as we trust and open our hearts to experience life this way.

Let cupid’s arrow pierce your heart during this month and truly allow the beautiful feelings of love to wash over you. Are you ready to be a part of it? In February, it’s all about love!

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