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Everything happens for a reason!

At times I love the life I have been given and I am extremely grateful. At other times I wonder to myself did I really sign up for this!!!! A life filled with choices can go in many directions. I often imagine that if I keep looking for positives then at least most of what I will attract will match that vibration. So awake I can consciously practice this however when I sleep it is very interesting to see what my own subconscious is working out. This past week I have had dreams of floods overtaking where I Iive. I stood back and held my children to me as somehow I knew not to cross a path where the water would wash us away. In another dream, I had a visit from my mother where she was healthy and vital just returning from playing tennis telling me not to get caught up in the ridiculousness of the world. Then I had a dream where the only way I could save a relationship was to find a lost piece of jewelry- finally giving up and very sad about the loss I thought to myself maybe I could get a new piece of jewelry (a better one based upon a better love and respect) and start anew because I could not recreate what has already happened. Needless to say, these “dreams” have resulted in many sleepless nights. Because I Iike to try to discern meaning from my experiences, instead of letting the negative overarching connotation infect me during the daytime, looking for kernels of wisdom to apply to my choices may be the best route. Floods symbolize feelings of being overwhelmed or perhaps need for change. My mother may be saying that don’t get caught up in other people’s drama. Lost ring that symbolized a commitment perhaps suggests I am ready for a different kind of relationship as the past may no longer serve the person I am today. So when I feel little to no peace when I am in the “So did I really sign up for this” mode and my dreams are showing me visuals, as long as I pay attn to the message I can return to the hope that this too shall pass and what I learn I can be grateful for – maybe not now but eventually! I just happen to be in the “did I really sign up for this” at the time of this writing! Doesn’t mean this afternoon I won’t be back to gratitude once again! Ah such is the journey called life and the choices we get to make! As long as I hold on to everything happens for a reason – I will get to the gratitude a lot faster!!! Have a great day!

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