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Ever stop to really consider why you are so angry anyway?

“Let us not look back in anger, or forward in fear, but around in awareness.” James Thurber

There are times when we willingly get stuck in a loop of misery.

And truth be told, without awareness, these times can be a living hell if you feel like you are falling into the abyss of these depleting emotions without a spiritual parachute to help soften the landing.

Let’s be clear, as human beings, these times come with the territory. Events unfold that we are uncomfortable with and things happen that we do not like. As we climb the ladder of enlightenment, how we process these situations is directly aligned with where we are on the learning curve of life.

This especially happens when we think we have figured it all out. Then along comes a time of transformation that upends all we thought we knew and in a blink of an eye we are back in the scary darkness again without a light.  Welcome back to the seasons of emotions. Just like Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall, it is natural to experience occasions of anger, jealously, and sadness.  But who wants to stay there. We much prefer occasions of love, joy, and bliss. So, if we  don’t take a moment and figure out WHY we feel this way- then we will never be able to understand HOW to free ourselves, so that the WHAT we don’t want can transform into a WHEN we can return to loving the many WHOS when they are introduced.

True power comes from becoming conscious as to why we may be feeling those charged negative emotions so that we can go within to strengthen our resolve that this too shall pass.  Perhaps life has not turned out as we had planned. Perhaps we feel lost because of all the change happening all around. Perhaps we feel hurt because we are passed over for something that we worked so hard to achieve. Or perhaps the uncertainty of this time in our lives triggers our childhood memories of being unable to control our path.

Validation of the why we feel the anger is empowering. Acknowledging can be a tool to help us release anger as the last bastion of holding on to something that we need to let go. Remember, the phoenix eventually does rise up out of its own ashes to soar in the wind, renewed filled with life. With awareness, the rise becomes easier as you start to believe that you can eventually surrender to move on so that in time you will be blessed with extraordinary new life.  Endings always point to fresh beginnings. Figure out the why of your emotions, take a breath, trust the process and doors will open once again- get on with it already!


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