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Enjoy unwrapping your miracles today!

Enjoy Unwrapping your Miracles Today!

 “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

 Albert Einstein

You get the gifts of life when you acknowledge that there is beauty in everything. Begin to discover the miracles that surround you for every miracle or gift is packaged in differently, even the “unappealing stuff” is still a gift if you choose to see it that way. If you want to bring a little magic into your life today, close your eyes, be in the moment, and take four deep breaths.  Before you open your eyes, set an intention that everything that you experience from this moment on is a beautiful gift that will make your life better and more fulfilling.  Believe that everything that enters your world will bring you beauty and love. Believe that every person that comes into your life today will bring you the gift of their presence, their words, or their smile and laughter.  Let this understanding wash over each of your senses.  Sit with this visualization, then when you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy the ride! Colors will be brighter, sounds will be more magnificent, nourishment will be more delicious, the touch of another will be more stimulating, and you may even start to truly smell the roses. Magic and miracles are all around, some show their presence clearly, some don’t make a sound! When you open your eyes, what you need is there. You are never alone, so have faith and don’t despair. If you believe that everything is a miracle, then your world will change before you.  You will find gifts in the most unlikely places. Enjoy unwrapping each one today!

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