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Embracing the story as it unfolds!

Yesterday, my daughter Ava and I met with a new voice teacher. I was a little reluctant because I grew comfortable singing in front of our former teacher, not sure if this one would think it comical that a woman in her 40s was intent on improving her singing voice. The whole experience came about because I have a very theatrical daughter! I have been told over and over again to get her voice/ acting lessons because she is a natural. She is very dramatic and expressive to say the least. Apparently at 4-5 years old, Ava is very unusually special in that respect! After spending the money for a package of lessons, it was clear that while she had the talent at 4 she did not have the focus! I was in a group doing the Artist’s Way – a 12 week program to recover your creative self. I used to love to sing as a child in front of audiences – I put aside something I loved not thinking that I was talented enough. Now here I was asking the instructor if she would teach me!!!!

As a result, I have gained a new friend and a lot of confidence. So has Ava! We both will be singing in our first recital on June 14; it will be me and a few other elementary and high school students!!!!! I will be singing a duet with my daughter “good night my someone” from the music man and a solo “Memories” from Cats. The words of the song are telling- all about embracing the new day as the sunrises again and living life knowing something wonderful is about to happen! I am living the Sunrise of my souls bliss.

So a little nervous, I am going to do this reminding myself that it is never too late to go after your dreams! Excited and stepping into that new day as I am embracing the story as it unfolds and it will be special because I get to do it with my Ava right beside me showing through example what it means to face your fears and love life ! !

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