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Embrace the Wisdom of Joy and Wonder

Embrace the Wisdom of Joy and Wonder

Are you ready for December 2020?

Embrace the Wisdom of Joy and Wonder

“Give the gift of wonder to both yourself and to others. It is precious and wildly expansive! Look beyond what you think you know, welcome every ingredient and enjoy the mystery that is unfolding. Boldly bring all of you to all of life. Continue to discover, honor and celebrate, trusting that every moment has seamlessly prepared you to step into your greatest yet to be.”

Tanya Mikaela, Author of The Circle, A Woman’s Guide to Joy, Passion and Authenticity

Another Trip Around the Sun

Open yourself up to life. Another trip around the sun. The pain of the past that I trudged through, taking its wisdom from all that I have done. My life has been interesting so far, each step forward I see my North star. I truly have no idea what is next to behold, but I welcome gifts from delightful curiosity if I am so bold.

Embrace the wisdom of joy and wonder. Wisdom from experience, I am in awe of how far I have come. I treasure my scars, pray the lessons learned have prepared me to run.  I am not sure what I can tell you, some things I wish could be undone. But my humanity remains, so imperfect like the sun. I am who I am, I celebrate a stubborn persistence that guided me on. I am ready for the wisdom of joy, eyes remaining open ready for some fun.

It’s Time

A message to share, better yet a birthday wish as a gift to you. Celebrate with me your dreams and perhaps that will be realized too. I felt called, perhaps not to greatness, just to show up to what I am supposed to do. The reality is that if I just keep asking good questions, maybe my wish for more knowledge will come true. To stand at the edge of the Earth, looking out over the vast ocean blue, I beg forgiveness to the universal divine if I took for granted one moment with each one of you.

So on this birthday, week, month as I live out the rest of 2020 too, I am ready to empower my intentions to spread love embracing the wisdom of wonder and joy as I do.

Thank you – And so December is about to begin!

Click here and enjoy your magic and miracles!


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