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Each day is a special occasion!

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Every day you’re alive is a special occasion.”

Ann Wells

You are special. The mere fact that you were born to embark on a unique and amazing journey in this world is enough reason for a great celebration. When you start to think that everyday is an opportunity to appreciate your time on this earth, you will want to start sending out invitations to this incredible party. Slow down today and be present to the decorations placed so beautifully around you. Admire your guests whose gifts are yet to be opened. Stop and smell the beautiful bouquet of roses and fill your hours with joy. When you wake up, let the water of renewal wash over you and dress yourself with the biggest and most beautiful smile you can muster. Set out your special occasion china and dine in style. Put on your Sunday best and walk with your head held high. Stand in gratitude for each moment in time that you get to experience this incredible jubilee. Here is your personal invitation to embrace each moment as special and celebrate it enthusiastically for you are blessed. No matter where you are on your path, today is a celebration and you must honor it all the same. Realize that you don’t need an excuse to wait and save anything for a special occasion. Today is your special day and so many are waiting to celebrate with you joyfully!  It is your choice whether you join in the festivities or not.  So will you be coming to the party?

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