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Don’t Forget to Schedule Time to Chase Butterflies!

“Nobody can break your heart. They can break your expectations. When they break your expectations, you will eventually surrender and move closer to your heart.” Kyle Cease

Navigating this world seems to be a bit overwhelming these days.

It seems like this is a moment in history where emotions from the right and the left are running at an all time high. Remember no one can break your heart. Feeling called to do something to make this a better world, it’s non-action that will one day fill you with regret if you don’t try.

Inspiration comes from many places. I am reminded to be aware even when my mind races. Knowing full well that we will all at one point be held to stand the trial of time, I can’t let expectations unfulfilled stop me without reason or rhyme.

As I make decisions as to the direction to climb, I engage a mindful practice to embrace those choices of mine. And yes, now more than ever, schedule some time, to chase those butterflies to bring to life that beautiful vision of mine.

For my friends, look up to the sky, there they are, they need no permission to fly. They have no limits, so why should I?! Let yourself go, the time is nigh. Embrace your own mantra, use your imagination, surrender to love and close your eyes.

See clearly that life of yours as you are ready to shine. Elevate your spirit and hope, allow your imagination and insights to get into line! New energy infiltrates as you transform and move closer to your heart space, surrender and fly. Chase away and fly butterflies fly!


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