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Don’t Cheat the Process, Trust It!

Trust the Process, Don’t Cheat it!

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” Lalah Delia

Point A to B

Trust the process is such a challenging concept where I am not the most trusting person in the world. In fact, I question everything. Perhaps, adopting the role of a prosecutor for the nearly twenty years did not help matters. But, one great big lesson that I have learned over the last fifty years is that there is a process for everything. If you want to enjoy it, you would do well to trust it. From birth to crawling to taking first steps, like a perfectly good story, the stage is set and the foundation built. The “her” story laid out, it is exciting to sit back and wait for the next chapter to unfold.

From Point A to B, even Dorothy had to follow the yellow brick road to realize that she had the power within her the entire time. Had she skipped a step on her journey, it would have been a very boring movie. Can you imagine? No Scarecrow, no Tin Man, no Cowardly Lion. She would never have met all the friends who added meaning to her life along the way. Had you or I skipped a step on the journey, can you imagine never meeting that one person who changed your life?

Grateful for the Magic in it

While there is a process, what we do get to decide is how we embrace it. For many years, I fought it or wanted to cheat it. Fast forward to the next step, move quickly through instead of fully experiencing the times of discomfort in the moments. Fear of pain is a great deterrent that can keep us stuck, mired in the non-movement. But it is also fear that can keep us from the discovery of the greatest magic that we have ever known. Moreover, if I truly allowed fear to overwhelm me, I would never have had children or traveled to Colombia at 16 years old or even taken a leap of faith into the unknown of my next career path.

So instead of fighting the process, we can shift our perspective and see the magic in it. No one likes to walk into what is perceived as a scary situation, but with glittering eyes we can experience something very different. What we see can be magically bursting with potential! It can even be exciting as the gifts are delivered.

Remember Who You are!

But we have to show up authentically. Take the time to figure out the “inner spirit” then no matter what outfit we wear it’s all good. Start to be aware and pay attention to the inner stirrings of your soul, the game most definitely will change for the better. Honoring our true selves is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. Stay tuned to your true north, there is a power there that will guide us no matter what path we choose. Dorothy in Wizard of Oz discovered that she had the power all along. And, so it is that we all do too as long as we choose to honor the “inner spirit.”

So be bold, show up however you wish, accept your flaws as the perfect garnish to a delightful dish! The process will unfold, get on board if you wish. There are no substitutions for you and your magic. You are the main event in your life, not anyone’s side dish.  Remember that, trust the process and away we go, where this path will lead- who knows! But this is for sure, this part of my process will most definitely be something wonderful and fun! For it is my choice to make, I am the one!


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