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Created by love to love!

Contemplating life, I have often thought how lucky I was to have this experience that unfolds within me and around me.  I have often known what a blessing it has been for me to be born into a family that has given me the desire to learn and the roots to build upon.  I have often  been grateful for the friends across many places that have opened my eyes to so much.  And, I have often been grateful for the gifts of enlightenment that I have been given as I readily receive wisdom from other seekers that connect with me.  Then, I step back. I believe. I find my faith.  I trust.  I know that all of what I am and what I know is because of God, my higher power, and the divine.  The mystical of this amazes me and excites me. The magical elements surround me and lift my spirits.  The miracles leave me with an all encompassing awe and reverence.  And, the love I witness and experience sets me free. And, when I pray to hear God’s voice to guide me, I look for the answers that God sends me in nature, my fellow souls, or in the silence of my heart. For God is in everyone and everything.  When I see it this way, it becomes so simple.  Even Einstein acknowledged that, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”  I am a creation of God. God is good. Therefore, I am good. You are a creation of God. You are good.  I am here to learn and here to serve. I ask God daily, how will you use me today?  Then I await the answer in the mystical, magical, miracles and love that unfold around me as my life continues to live out my prayer.  There is God amongst the people and there I am connected to it all.  I stand in reverence for my once around and grateful for the ability to see it through! There I am created by love to love! We all are! How lucky we are!

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