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Create the kind of art you want to imitate!

“Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.”

Oscar Wilde

The beginning of this year has many of us wondering whether we have all stepped into a bad episode of Rod Serling’s the “Twilight Zone.”  The events of the world around us seem to be playing out like a reality show that offers a weird alternate universe.  I remember watching one of the old episodes of “TZ” feeling uncomfortable and noticeably bothered by the unnatural unfolding of that particular offering.  Because I hate surprises, I wanted to jump to the end to see what happens or just turn off the television because I hated the journey that that story line had to offer.  Now, while I know that we can’t turn off or fast forward to the end of the reality of this news cycle whose brand of hate threatens hope, I can empower through writing a creative offering of my own as to how I would like to see things unfold.  I can inspire by proposing an ending to this chapter that champions a position that rejects censorship, the corruption of big money, and conformity to social ills. I can make a commitment that the art I create is the kind that I want to imitate.

And to that end, I have started to write again. I have started to create again. And it is not surprising to me that for the first time in a while, I have felt the ground sufficiently underneath my feet again.  And this only comes after I took the time to aimlessly wander through the chaos of life, got lost for a bit in the endless running, only to work through the road blocks and move past my own sabotage.  Writing has given me the ability to get still and pay attention to the tools that keep showing up to help me find balance so that I can finally push off again and start flying.  Writing has given me the opportunity to remove myself mentally from a toxic place and look to simplify.  And writing has given me the chance to create  a roadmap where I take the time to develop my own awesome chapters to my story so that I can imitate that and enjoy the process as it unfolds.  

As I acknowledged before, I love knowing the end of the movie so I can enjoy watching it.  I am not a love of suspense or surprise. I know my limitations and what creates anxiety for me. So as I create the kind of art I want to imitate, I am just going to continue to take the time to write my own awesome parts of the story so I can wake up every day just to enjoy living it. Tallying up the signs received as a celestial confirmation that something wonderful is in play for me as long as I take off from a place where I feel both grounded and free! So I encourage all of us to find our own creative salvation, instead of buying into the drama of those we don’t agree with.  There, we get the chance through our own brand of “art” every day to set the tone and pace of our own drama as it plays out. One that is grounded in a belief that light pushes out the darkness every time. There the ending of a bad episode of the Twilight Zone transforms right before our eyes into a reality that aligns with the good for all of us, not just the few. A great piece of art that gives rise to beauty that I want to imitate always.


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