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Countdown to 2018: You need a life like this!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Confucius

If you get to wake up each day and look forward to doing something that you love, then you have uncovered the secret to happiness.

I am so sick and tired of people who are martyrs who portray this poor me mentality. Suffering loudly as they go and make their way in this world, complaining every step of the way.  Feeling as if this is their lot in life because they find more comfort in playing the victim and stating that “responsibilities” have taken the joy out of living. I say that this is a copt out due to a fear of failing. I know it, refusing to be a martyr, I had to fight it and make brave choices to see what I can do. Yes, do what you must, but allow the path of life to open up as you investigate what you love to do.

No successfully happy person in this world ever gave up on their dreams to give in to misery. Ever since you and I were little babies, we had a passion for things. I see it every day: people who love numbers and equations, people who love to created through music and the arts, people who are healers and people who love to solve other’s problems.  All called to constantly acquire information to enhance their own innovation in this life. Greed is not what guides them, making a difference does. And when they give up on their calling, they slowly whither away. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but they become a mere shell of what they once believed to be true and possible.

You don’t need a life like that, you need a life like this. One where you get to wake up each and every morning looking forward to the day ahead and all the good that you are able to do. As we countdown to 2018, make this one of your goals this year: Choose a job you love, investigate what you need to do to make it happen, make it your call to arms and each day move towards it saying YES to life and the opportunities that come your way!


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